(above) The Justin Rayfield Band at the Hawthorne Theater in Portland, OR.

April, 2012

The Justin Rayfield Band is currently up and running. Justin Has been playing solo shows all over Oregon for the last couple of years, and he continues to do so. The full band is now working on new music for an album to be completed in the relatively near future. This new music can be heard live starting immediately, and it reflects the time spent in the Northwest.
Keep an eye on the "tour" tab on this site for upcoming shows both solo and with the full band, and take a look at youtube and bandcamp for the first takes on some of the new material.

August, 2011

The latest Justin Rayfield album, "...and the Pain that It Brings" is now available on itunes and amazon mp3, and will soon to be available in other online retailers and streaming sites. This new edition of the Austin record can also be purchased as a hard copy at any Justin Rayfield show or through the mail via the music tab on this website. Justin is planning many shows around the Northwest to spread the word about the album, as well as promotions on radio and in print. Keep an eye out for upcoming shows in your area.

June, 2011

The album, "Beneath the Southern Sky", was released in Austin in July of 2010. This first edition of the album is no longer available, but the second edition is in the mixing/mastering process now, and expected to be released in July of 2011. Justin has been working tirelessly on the album while planning to hit the stage with the original band in the Northwest.

Look for upcoming solo shows and, eventually full-band performances on the tour page.


Justin Rayfield will play the Hawthorne Theatre in Portland Oregon on Thursday, October 21st.

After moving back to the Northwest in July, Rayfield has been working to rebuild the band that originated in Eugene a few years back.

Now with multi-instrumentalists Zach Simpson, Daniel Merrel and Jared Smith, the Justin Rayfield Band is about to hit Portland with something new.

6/17/10 Old School

Justin Rayfield "SUV"

After the tragic loss of all 10 songs due to technology failure in May 2010, the band is feverishly re-recording, filesharing, mixing, and eventually mastering their newest release, yet to be named.  Due to drop in a couple weeks-in time for the CD release/final show-this record is proving to be a labor of love.  These guys (and girl... hi, Danielle) are dedicated, working round the clock, enlisting the talents of their closest friends to gather equipment, set up, and record the best DIY sounds available; all of this happening, of course, amidst last-minute planning, erratic schedules, packing boxes, and Austin rush hour.   

The recordings are being kept secret until the release, which is building quite a buzz among fans and friends.  We can be sure, though, that our ears will find a treat on Friday night, July 2, when the soaring melodies and harmonies, heart-wrenching lyrics and achingly moving guitar riffs find their place in the world.  If I know anything about Justin Rayfield, and I like to think I do, not a man, woman, or child with a heart will be able to resist the penetrating outpouring of Justin's fearlessly emotional tunes...


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